Message Of the Week Is Freedom



Freedom is the word of the week, not because this is the only time, we concern ourselves with freedom and all that it means, but because it’s uppermost on my mind as June 19th is nearing. Each human being is born free, but through oppression and control over the movements of a great and proud people from the continent of Africa, we lost a sense of worthiness. June 19th marks the historical moment in the lives of over 200,000 enslaved Africans in the state of Texas when they were informed that slavery was abolished at the end of the civil war. However, this was in 1865, two- and one-half years after the fact. I’m sure that when that proclamation was read in Galveston, Texas on that day emotions were a mixture of disbelief, and joy that this day that so many had prayed and hoped for had finally come. But where our freedom is measured by civil laws and proclamations, just how free are any one of us? Over the last two years we have been spectators to the erosion of civil rights of every American in this country, yet most of us continually delude ourselves that we are free. How do you see yourself in this collage of the new Americana that is really a return to the America of old? 

Freedom, oh Freedom!                                                                 

                           Heart To Heart

                           Rev. Addae Kraba